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Many of your customers have engaged social followings.
Meet Kale

Kale identifies, activates and rewards your loyal customers who have a social following.

Diversify from just working with big influencers and managing clunky brand ambassador programs.

Why we started kale

Consumers don't trust influencers anymore.

Brand ambassador programs take a lot of energy and effort.

Facebook advertising is expensive and hard to scale.

Our solution
Kale activates your superfans to share Reels and TikToks at CPMs that are 42% lower than Facebook.
We build a steady stream of trustworthy user-generated content (UGC) from your brand fans.
Then, we boost the best UGC through the creator's account to drive sales.
Why Kale?
Instead of paying a creator with 1M followers, Kale makes it easy to incentivize 100 of your actual customers with 10K followers each to share content and create social buzz.
Fun fact: UGC is 1.6x more likely to convert a customer.
Case Studies
Average CPM on Kale is between $12-$21, 42% lower than Facebook.
unreal mobile
$12 CPM
Kale dynamically rewards customers based on their post's performance.
Brand's Post
Creator's Post
When a Kale creator posts about a brand, their content is 50x more engaging than a traditional influencer's.
Our creators share videos about everyday moments that their audience can relate to and trust.
You're in good company
Good Company
How kale works for you and your customers
Kale compensates creators for sharing about products they're actually buying.
Share content
Earn rewards
Drive sales
Decrease CPM
Built loyalty
Decrease CAC
If you don't love us, it's on us.
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