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How every creator should use hashtags
Published September 21, 2022
Your caption is precious real estate for your content. Use it wisely, even when it comes to selecting hashtags.
The right & wrong ways to use hashtags as a creator
  • The wrong way: If I use a ton of hashtags, then more people will see my content.
  • The right way: If I use a few hashtags that are relevant to this video, then the right people will see my content.
Your goal as a creator is to achieve meaningful engagement that converts relevant viewers into followers. You're better off gaming the algorithm to capture the right audiences than to go viral.
Being smart about hashtags can serve your larger goal of building a community around your content. Here's how to do that.

Build a hashtag bank for Instagram & TikTok

Doing this should take you around 5 minutes, but it'll save you a ton of time for every post.
Organize your hashtags into three categories:
  • General hashtags: These serve the function of casting a wide net
  • Specific: This covers the kind of content you produce on your page and anything specific about this post that ladders up into your page
  • Niche: This gets into the specific differentiators around your video and the kind of content you produce
Now repeat this exercise for the different types of content you produce.
  • For example, if you're a lifestyle creator, you might make videos about (1) cooking, (2) fashion, and (3) things to do in [your city]. These are separate categories that deserve their own hashtags.
Now, pick one or two hashtags from each category, so you use 3-4 hashtags for each post.

Example of a hashtag bank

Once you have your hashtag bank, it should look something like this:
Mindfulness content
  • General hashtags: #mindfulness, #meditation, #mentalhealth
  • Specific: #breathwork, #boxedbreathing, #stressmanagement
  • Niche: #mindfulfitness, #socalhiking, #crystalcovestatepark

The bigger picture

🔑 Becoming a prominently-featured creator in each of your hashtag categories will push your content in front of audiences that care about your niche and the specifics in your videos.
As creators, we're in the business of reaching the right audiences because that's what scales into monetizable communities. Hashtags are just another means to accomplish that.
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