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10 TikTok & Reels hook ideas for any niche to get more views
Published September 16, 2022
A hook is something that captures your viewer's attention within the first 2-3 seconds of your video.
  • It can be an attention-grabbing text, video, or sound.
Why a hook matters: it makes more viewers watch your video until the end, which tells the algorithm to push your video out to more viewers, which increases your chances of going viral and converting new followers.

10 TikTok & Reels hook ideas to go viral today

  • STOP doing ____
  • If you want to achieve ____, listen up
  • If you're doing ____, you're making a HUGE mistake
  • Do you feel like you're _____? Here's an easy fix.
  • Why does no one talk about ____?
  • This is the most important thing you need to know if you want to (goal within your niche)
  • This tip will blow your mind
  • Nobody is talking about this…
  • Try this one hack to get (result)
  • If you haven't heard…
  • The worst ____ advice
  • How to increase ____ results
  • 3 _____ you need to know
  • Hacks, Secrets, Tips, to get (result)
  • 10 ____ to help you achieve _____
  • Are you tired of ____? Try this….
  • 3 ____ everyone who wants to (goal within your niche) needs!
  • The secret to_____
  • I can't believe I'm sharing this hack with you, but here it is…
  • Try this one hack to get (result)
Inspired by these creators
  • Mya.nichol
  • Keeansocial
  • Mrs.marketing
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