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10 caption ideas to get more comments
Published September 12, 2022

Captions = community

If you notice a video in your feed that has lots of comments, then you’re more likely to tap into it to read the conversation and maybe participate.
Even if you’re not getting 1000+ likes on each post, getting more than 10 comments stands out visually. For example 👇

10 caption ideas to get more comments

Rule of thumb: Keep it short. Don’t make your audience tap “see more” to read your full caption.
  • How often do YOU [insert what you’re doing in your video]?
  • What’s your favorite part of this [insert what’s depicted in your image/video]?
  • Drop a [emoji] in the comments if you [something relevant to your video/image].
  • Did you know: [fun fact].
  • Double tap if [something relevant to your video/image].
  • Tag a friend if [something relevant to your video/image].
  • Comment with the emoji that sums up your #mood today.
  • Describe your day in one word. Here’s mine: [insert word]
  • Describe your day in three emojis. Here’s mine: [insert emojis]
  • Did you try the recipe I posted? Comment below if you loved it (or hated it!)
  • [for a carousel post] Which outfit should I wear? 1, 2, 3, or 4?

How to tell if you have a good caption

Ask yourself:
  • Is your caption in line with the rest of your content’s personality?
  • Is there a clear call to action at the end of your caption?
  • Is your caption easy to read? Or is it cluttered?
  • What does your caption give your user to walk away with? .

Replies to comments that aren’t just “thank you”

Now that you’ve got a bunch of comments, give your followers more than a simple “thank you” to make them feel special.
Here are a few ideas to connect with your followers, at scale 👇
  • that’s all u babe
  • this is why ur my fav
  • ur making me blush
  • brb crying
  • says u
  • you’re an angel
  • learned it from u
  • in love wit u
  • best comment award
  • who, me?
  • other way around
  • all you
  • current status: blushing
  • says the goddess herself
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