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Why showing your face matters as a creator
Published September 12, 2022
Why showing your face matters as a creator
It may be intimidating at first, but showing your face in your content goes a long way for your growth as a creator and community leader.
Here's why:
  • Seeing someone's face on your screen is more engaging. This is backed by science: the neurons in your visual cortex respond vigorously to any type of face, even if you don't recognize them.
  • It's one of the easiest ways to differentiate your content from the masses.
  • It helps viewers build a personal connection with you, which is better than forming a connection with your content.
Here are four ways to show your face in your content, ranked from basic to advanced.

Show your face without talking

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You don't need to say anything in your content if you're filming yourself doing something that's already visually appealing and speaks for itself. This is a great middle ground if you're ready to show your face, but are still working up the courage to speak in your videos.
If you don't speak, ensure that your visuals change every 2-5 seconds. Even without a voiceover, this creator's video remains engaging with quick cuts and fun music.

Show your face with a voiceover

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Adding a voiceover can add a layer of personality to your video while providing deeper context to what's on screen.
Don't let your voiceover simply be a description of what's on screen. It should add something to your video that isn't already there. This creator does a great job by explaining the ingredients in his MUD\WTR, which is something we can't see in the video.

Show your face and speak on-camera

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Speaking on-camera takes some skill, but how does this creator make it look so easy?
  • She's talking like a friend on FaceTime.
  • She edited out the pauses to clearly communicate what she wanted to say.
For first-timers, cameras tend to dull the portrayal of their energy. When you're on-camera, give 110% of your energy, and you'll see it translate nicely into video. After a while, you'll find your on-camera personality and your comfort zone.

Show your face, speak on-camera, and use multiple cuts

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Stitching together multiple shots of you speaking on-camera, while cutting to unique visuals along with voiceover is next level. If you want a quick lesson on how to edit, go here.
Use this litmus test to check if your video is maxing out its value: if you were to close your eyes during the video, does it still get its point across? If yes, then you need to adjust your voiceover to complement the visuals, not replace them (remember, you don't want your voiceover to simply describe what's happening on screen).
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