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You might be doing trends wrong
You might be doing trends wrong
If you want to attract quality followers, maybe it’s time to rethink trends
Published February 4, 2022
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⚡️ The ideal content breakdown for your videos is 75% series and 25% trends
  • A series is a recurring, unique piece of content that people can get to know you for. Here’s an example.
  • Why it matters: It converts views from a discovery page into people following you. (i.e. For You Page on TikTok or Reels on Insta)
  • Your series needs to be original to you, consistent, and be the main content of your profile.
  • Reality check: Only doing trends won’t win over new followers. People follow for niches, not trends. Trends are a great way to get discovered, but not to build a fanbase.

    🤝 Meet a creator who’s doing it right

    @LittleLocke is an Instagram dog account that’s been steadily growing their community online by posting personally relevant content, instead of random trends.
    What motivates you to continue making content for your dog’s page?
    It’s the community I’ve built. I’ve met some of my best dog mom friends via Instagram. I enjoy sharing about healthy treats, dog-friendly travel destinations, or dog carriers with my followers (who are mostly dog owners). It’s rewarding to hear that a fellow dog parent loves their purchase and that it adds value in their life.
    What advice do you have for other creators?
    Have fun. Remember why you started the account. Most of us pet creators started off wanting to showcase the thousands of photos/videos on our phone of our furry friends. But it’s easy to get discouraged as the algorithm keeps changing and you don’t get the engagement you wanted on a post you worked hard on. It’s easy to feel judged by likes and follower counts, but remember that’s only a fraction of the big picture.
    Be yourself (don’t post because you think someone else will like it), take breaks to get creative, and remember to hug your best furry friend.
    How do you engage your audience and build a community for yourself?
    Building a community is a two way street. I’ve found that your followers are more likely to comment consistently on your content when you open that dialogue and form trust with them.
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