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How to get creative with food content
Packaged goods go well with a lot
How to get creative with food content
Published June 7, 2022
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🧠 One of our top creators shared these guiding principles for content creation:
  • Only post when it attracts meaningful engagement with new audiences each time.
  • Be conscious of re-introducing the brand each time so new folks can discover it.
Keeping your content fresh is important, so here’s some content inspo to help you accomplish that with packaged goods content.
🤳 Lifestyle Content
Your feed is probably already flourishing with this kind of content! Your followers value how you demonstrate living a particular kind of lifestyle in the health-conscious, eco-friendly, vegan niches.
With consumer packaged goods, you can create a day-in-your-life video where you show your followers what you eat throughout the day.
  • Here’s one example showing a food pack for an office job.
  • This one served as a tutorial on picking healthy snacks for a flight.
Both of these content ideas are light lifts that let you showcase your personality with a story or a tutorial.
Remember: People love content that tells a good story. That will always beat product-focused content that doesn’t do much beyond simply showing the product.
⚡️ 5 ideas for video content featuring packaged goods
  • FAQs
  • Things you wish you knew earlier
  • Before & After
  • A Quick Tip
  • Bust a Myth
📣 4 ways you can increase visibility beyond your followers
  • Use location tags
  • Use hashtags (a few specific hashtags always beats a ton of broad hashtags)
  • Use alt-text
  • Use keywords in your captions
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